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We are participating in this year's AIDS Walk & Run San Diego because HIV & AIDS have touched our lives and affected the people we love. This is an opportunity to be visible in our support for those living with HIV and AIDS while raising much needed funds for critical support services in our community.

We've made it our goal to sign as many people up as we can. Join us and make our team the biggest and best this year!

Sempra Energy/San Diego Gas and Electric - Join Team Raised
Gabriel Gutierrez $0.00
Jaime Andersen $0.00
Peter Andersen $0.00
Emily Balew $0.00
Keely Bamberg $0.00
Julian Barba $0.00
Glenn Batuyong $0.00
Madelyn Batuyong $0.00
Miles Batuyong $0.00
Nic Blanco $0.00
Clarice Bogdan $0.00
Michael Bogdan $0.00
Cordero Burse $0.00
Amanda Chase $0.00
Joaquin Chase $0.00
Stelian Cincu $0.00
Randall Clark $0.00
Madison Conrado $0.00
Stephanie Cregger $0.00
Geny Edwards $0.00
Mary Elliott $0.00
Mike Griffen $0.00
Marco Gymnopolous $0.00
Russell Heister $0.00
Sean Hoe $40.00
Joe Hoppel $0.00
Blythe Howell $0.00
Cierra Izard $0.00
Kimmeth Jackson $0.00
Ava Lantis $0.00
Jackson Lantis $0.00
Teresita Marino $0.00
Evan Mathewson $0.00
Mark Mathewson $0.00
Will Mathewson $0.00
Justin Miller $0.00
Donna Miyasako-Blanco $50.00
Brian Modica $0.00
Ryan Moulton $0.00
Jose Olivares $200.00
Grant Reeder $0.00
Beth Rolls Mathewson $0.00
Joyce Rowland $0.00
Frances Rucks $0.00
Ashleigh Smith $0.00
Camille Tewalt $0.00
Mohammed Wajeehuddin $0.00
Bryanna Walker $0.00
Michael Walker $0.00
Scott Williford $175.00
Team Gifts $26,155.00
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AIDS Walk San Diego is the largest HIV/AIDS fundraiser and the biggest non-governmental financial provider for HIV/AIDS in San Diego County. Dozens of organizations--serving thousands of clients--rely on funds raised at the annual 5K walk and run to help provide essential prevention and care programs to thousands of men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS.

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