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I remember the night wen I found out I was HIV positive. It was 3 days before thanksgiving 13 years ago I was left alone and had the worst experience of my life. You see I was in the ER for suspected pneumonia when the nurses shored out "Wear Gloves, he's a high risk case." Not knowing what they meant I was sicker than a dog alone and confused as to why I was being singled out. Then the doctors said they wanted to take blood and never explained why. What felt like hours later a social worker came into the room and asked my if the doctor had come back to see me and I said no and why was she there. Then it dawned on me. High risk... blood tests. Gloves. I immediately broke down and begged her to tell me even though the doctor was supposed to. 

Fast forward twelve years later. I'm happy healthy and educated about the disease that flows within my veins. I know how to take care of myself and know that I'll have an outstanding life all because of being in the know. Some say I'm positve with positivity. I always say everything happens for a reason and my reason for this is to help those that are less fortunate and or uneducated about the pandemic. I went through hell and back to be at a place where I was ok with sharing my story and vowing my life to fight until there was a cure. That vow hasn't changed and I'm now more determined than ever to continue our fight to end this disease once and for all. Please check out my annual fundraiser Ginger Douglas Presents the Apocalyptic Ball that happens right here in San Diego!!! Because after the apocalypse we all have to have each others backs.... 

Please join me in making this the biggest fundraising year for those who need it now MORE than ever. Remember every donation you make does get matched 100% by my amazing company so a dollar turns into two and so on.... 

Truly Thank you! 


Briceson :)




Apocalyptic Ball 2018- Resurgence
Apocalyptic Ball 2018- Resurgence

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AIDS Walk & Run is the largest HIV/AIDS fundraiser and the biggest non-governmental financial provider for HIV/AIDS in San Diego County. Dozens of organizations - serving thousands of clients - rely on funds raised at the annual walk and run to help provide essential prevention and care programs to thousands of men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS. Support this great cause by donating now. 

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