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Thanks for supporting AIDS Walk & Run!
Thanks for supporting AIDS Walk & Run!

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On Saturday, September 30, I will take part in the Aids Walk and Run, 2017, and I write to ask that you support this good cause with a contribution. Fighting back against HIV is a major focus of the San Diego LGBT Center, an organization that is critically important to LGBTQ life in San Diego.

The development of antiretroviral drugs that successfully controlled the HIV virus was, of course, of supreme importance for bringing Aids close to medical control. So the work of the Center is devoted to activities that feature educating the LGBTQ population to safe sex practices, encouraging frequent confidential testing to ensure freedom from the HIV virus, urging open communication between sexual partners about HIV status, making condoms free and available, connecting people with good medical care and, if necessary, medications. And follow up activities to ensure that those who are positive take their medications absolutely as instructed and without fail. And a new part of the arsenal is the availability of PrEP or pre-exposure prophylaxis that uses medication to minimize the probability of HIV infection for HIV negative persons who have an active and varied sex life. PEP or post exposure prophylaxis is a medical treatment for people who have reason to believe that they may have been exposed to the virus.

All of these activities tend, by their very nature, to be labor intensive, involving a great deal of hands-on involvement with needy people. It is worthy work, and a good target for your charitable dollars. Pleased contact this web site and make a contribution attached to my run. Because I enjoy running and can't therefore suggest that suffering is my contribution, I've already pledged some bucks.

Please allow me to finish with a few words about the importance of the Center as a cultural institution. A vigorous LGBT Center has both local and national importance. Its work has contributed to the acceptance of gay marriage, the dramatically improved acceptance of LGBTQ people in the country at large and, most recently, the increased attention and support for trans gendered citizens. The same can be said in different ways for the work of San Diego's Lambda Archives, an institution that collects historical materials about San Diego's LGBTQ past.

With thanks for your participation,

David Ramos


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AIDS Walk & Run is the largest HIV/AIDS fundraiser and the biggest non-governmental financial provider for HIV/AIDS in San Diego County. Dozens of organizations - serving thousands of clients - rely on funds raised at the annual walk and run to help provide essential prevention and care programs to thousands of men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS. Support this great cause by donating now. 

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