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This will be my 4th AIDS Walk San Diego and I'm bumping up my fundraising goal from $1000 to $2000. We can make that happen, right? 

So... why am I walking and fundraising for a 4th year? I've outlined 7 reasons below:

  1. In memory of my dad - My Daddy lived with HIV from 1985 until his passing in 2001. His soul and heart was pure and kind, but his heart was deeply pained with fear and stigma of HIV and living with an intense view of his own mortality. I show up for him, his love, and his beautiful soul to celebrate the memory of Charles Lomax.
  2. For children like me - Unbeknowst to our peers, coaches, teachers, and, even, some families member, my sister and I deeply struggled with the heartache about our dad's illness. However, the impacts of illness are shadowed by the deep pain of living in silence and fear for our parent. I walk for children impacted by HIV/AIDS - I see you, even if I do not hear you.
  3. To honor those living with HIV/AIDS  and in memory of others who have lived with HIV/AIDS
  4. Social justice - This history of HIV/AIDS in the US and beyond is rooted in deeply oppression practices, laws, and systems that continue to harm peoples from underserved backgrounds. In 2017, we have to remember that. 
  5. Healthcare and quality care - Persons living with HIV/AIDS deserved quality healthcare and care from knowledgeable medical providers. 
  6. Prevention and education - HIV/AIDS can be prevented with strong education programs and access to resources, such as PrEP, PEP, and condoms, we can be steps closer to ending HIV/AIDS.
  7. Stigma and fear - Even in 2017, the stigma around HIV/AIDS exists. Rumors and myths around HIV/AIDS exists. *WE* are in control of how *WE* interact with these stigma. Stigma leads to fear; fear exacerbates the problem. We must curb both.
If you would ever like to talk about my reasons or my story, please feel free to reach out to me.
Read more about my story in the blog by Positive Wellness Alliance, from Lexington, North Carolina, titled "He Chose Me"

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